Our Little Secret….. Your Vehicle our Money

Business is booming and more and more people are realizing how much potential their broken down vehicles have. We buy clunkers daily! To the average person, they see something ugly, beat up, and worthless, but to the one that goes online and searches for answers to getting rid of that rig, the money signs appear in their eyes and the realize they are sitting on a jackpot! Why chase a rainbow to find it’s impossible end when lo and behold, you have a potential pot of gold in your possession. Aye! How much is it really worth? I can’t tell you until you call me and tell me what you have. Some people shout out in joy when they hear the numbers being offered, and the more sensitive types start to cry because they realize we are seriously going to pay them for us to remove their vehicles. They are ecstatic because they initially thought that they would have to suffer the cost of its removal. We make people happy day in and out. This is one of the reasons why I love my job.

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Our company is quickly leading the charts that compare which businesses buy junk automobiles and today is not going to be any different. With the phones ringing off the hook, the employees are continually helping people get paid. Stop going out for hours with your metal detector looking for treasure because your most likely fortune is collecting dirt and grime in your garage right now. Don’t feel bad about letting it go. We will recycle it so that it gets put to a better use, plus you get to have your nice, roomy garage space back. Are you panning for gems down at the river again? Your most feasible jewel may have been what drove you down there… or the one that used to get you down there until it broke down and fell apart, blowing out awful plumes of smoke. Have you dressed up like a pirate, sailed the seven seas and searched out booty? Well, I’m willing to bet you lost wealth on that venture. I sure hope you had a parrot, though. What’s a pirate without one? If you did have a parrot on board, be sure to tell me about it, but I hope his or her name wasn’t Polly. Well, look at that; I got off track momentarily, but that’s O.K.

Once again, it is junk vehicles that will be more valuable than that unfounded plunder. The crazy thing is that every neighborhood has these pearls left unwanted on the sides of the street, locked away in a shed, hidden in a shop, or stuffed under a shabby carport. To me, these are prizes waiting to be discovered and I really want to present you with funds in order to get it. The only thing stopping you from uncovering new found riches is the fact that you haven’t called us yet. Go ahead, we are ready for you. I will buy junk vehicles from you and pay you cash when I come to tow them away!