The removal of your vehicle in Las Vegas, NV is pretty simple.  Make sure you have your documents to get rid of the vehicle before you call us to have your car removed.  We do take vehicles without titles but you don’t get as much money for it.  We do offer the best cash for your scrapper service in Las Vegas and every person that deals with us always comes back when they are looking to get rid of their next junk vehicle or they tell their friends about us.

Junk Car Removal Las Vegas

We Pay The Most In Town!

Don’t let your car just sit around and collect spiders, hornets, wasps, Bees and whatever other kind of insects looking to take over your property.  Don’t let the bum down the road thumbing for a ride take advantage of your car sitting there all alone, looking for someone or something to keep his clothes warm.  Sometimes you need some one to talk too and it does get lonely out there; even a bum with pants that haven’t been washed in a week looks pretty inviting.  We are here to prevent that and make sure that you don’t have problems that may cause you to collapse from some sort of stress related incident.  Imagine a cash service that will pay you for your car and remove it for free; the most cash in your pocket guaranteed for your vehicle.

You think I am joking don’t you? I am sorry I am not that kind of person, I do not joke around when there is cash involved.  All fun and games until, I pull out out my wallet, than it is down to business.  That is what I am telling you today, as soon as my driver shows up, you hand over your title and keys and he will open his wallet and give you money.  Sounds easy doesn’t it, well it is.

To sell or scrap your car, we are here for both reasons.  Some people have a nicer looking car that might be worth more and others have cars that might be newer but is still a junk vehicle.  We do buy cars and we are proud of it.  We have been servicing the Las Vegas area for a while and I have to say that this city is a wonderful place.  You meet so many different people in this city it is incredible.  How many cash for clunkers places do you know that will give you cash for something you thought was worthless, well, probably a bunch, but there is only one that would give you the most cash in your pocket.  Not many places can offer you that security knowing that we are looking out for you any way we can.  If you have a car that is worth more than junk prices, we will try to get you what you are trying to get out of it; in reason of course.  If you are looking to get that vehicle removed off of your property for some extra money in your pocket, give us a call today.