History of Las Vegas

Do you know what Las Vegas means? “Las Vegas is Spanish for “The Meadows.” The people who traveled the old Spanish trail named the area after the grassy area surrounding the natural springs that flowed here.  The name they used is “La Valle de Las Vegas,” or “The Valley of the Meadows.” The city that was founded here in 1905 used “Las Vegas” for its name, and that’s a piece of history for ya about Las Vegas, as a matter of fact if you drive around the city you will still see things like The Meadows Mall, but oddly enough that is only thing that is left from the Spanish traders.  Interesting enough Las Vegas is also known for the Hoover Dam, which in 1931, the construction of the Hoover Dam brought an influx of construction workers which started a population boom and gave the valley’s economy a needed boost, avoiding a problem that would of led the city in to a great depression.  Gambling took place illegally for many years, but was officially legalized in 1931.

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